Home Staging – Understanding the Process and Value

Understanding the benefits of home staging is the key to a successful sale.

Cleaning, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, organizing, rearranging, repairing and painting are not what home staging is all about. They are actually the basic preparation required before a professional home stager transforms your home into a marketable product merchandised for a quick top dollar sale.

The impression that professional home staging is very expensive is by far the most ironic misconception shared by many homeowners and Realtors. That belief can actually cost you a lot of money in the long run. With a 586% return on the staging investment it is in fact hardly a cost at all. The average cost of an owner occupied home staging is a fraction of the average first price reduction taken to motivate a buyer.

Once you have selected a Realtor that has properly investigated the comps currently on the market and arrived at a truly competitive asking price, it’s time to merchandise your home to appeal to the broadest group of prospective buyers and create an unforgettable first and lasting impact on them. This is where a professional home stager steps in to enhance your property and separate it from the competition.

Using proven techniques the stager will open the flow from room to room giving each room a distinct purpose, accenting all the positive aspects of your home while downplaying the negative. The staging plan, created to appeal to the buyer’s eye, invites the potential buyer to easily imagine themselves living there with their furnishings.

Home staging creates an immediate and sustaining interest in your property so that from the moment the potential buyer drives up until they offer a contract, they will know… “this is the home for them.”

In the past all you really needed to sell a home was a knowledgeable Realtor. They could point out what you needed to fix, list the property and you could just sit back and watch the offers come pouring in. The real estate market has changed drastically. Homes are on the market for longer and the pricing is very competitive especially with all the short sales and foreclosures.

Today, in order to sell your property for the highest price in the shortest amount of time, you need to cover all three bases with a partnership… a successful real estate agent to market your home, a professional home stager to create a staged to market product with impact for immediate and sustaining interest and a motivated seller to maintain the property in a ready to show condition.

Most home staging professionals offer many different plans to fit your situation and budget. They can physically do as much or as little of the basic preparation for staging as you might require. They can provide an actual walk-through or written staging plan for the “do it yourself crowd” or accomplish the actual staging for you in usually less than a day with their added experienced touch.

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